About us

Earthy Corazon is a queer chicana-owned shop of soy candles and natural bodycare made with love and intention.

This labor of love began from a creative passion of making wholesome and natural gifts for my loved ones. I've always loved making things for people; this allows me to do that, while divesting from big-box retailers, and creating something that was much more meaningful.

My vision for Earthy Corazon was very personal early on and rooted with values that I hold dear to me. Nothing was done without intention. It became very clear to me that I was creating tools for personal care and wellness that connected to a source of healing greater than myself. In February 2020, Earthy Corazon was born in the unceded lands of Tovaangar, or East Los Angeles. 

Everything in this shop is created in small batches and with hand selected ingredients that are natural, and inspired by nature. Keeping the environment in mind with every decision made. All my offerings are simple and whole. They support the healing spaces where communities of color can access and tend to their personal care and wellness. 

Grateful to share this space and offerings with you.

Ely ♡ (she/her)

picture of ely from earthy corazon