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Earthy Corazon

Fresh + Focus Essential Roller

Fresh + Focus Essential Roller

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SCENT NOTES: Citrus Blossoms, Sweet Orange, Fresh

INGREDIENTS: coconut oil & essential oils blend of orange / lavender / rosemary/ frankincense, and dried marigold flowers.

A freshly sweet and bright blend to energize and uplift your senses. This essential oil combination comes carefully diluted in coconut oil making it ready and safe to use topically. Use with intention and shake well before each use. Roll directly onto skin and inhale deeply as they release their natural benefits and the moisturizing benefits of the carrier oil.

BENEFITS: Essential oils are nurturing aroma therapeutic tools for the body and mind. They are naturally derived from plant material, and give hints of their earthiness. These blends are pleasant and aromatic, but not over bearing, in their natural way they inspire positive, pleasant emotions. Apply as needed.

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