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Earthy Corazon

Arnica Pomada Salve

Arnica Pomada Salve

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STAR INGREDIENT: Arnica infused oil 

FOCUS: Pain and soreness relief. Skin repairing and moisturizing.'

SIZE: 2 oz. travel tin

Formulated with arnica, comfrey, and rosemary essential oils, and enriched with almond oil, soft coconut oil, and candelilla wax. This powerful pomada brings support to the body’s restorative abilities. Arnica acts as an anti-inflammatory and analgesic aid. It's known to help ease the symptoms for both muscles and joint pain, and provide temporary relief to sprains, bruises and other injuries. Comfrey and rosemary add fragrance and that produces a calming effect on the skin.

RECOMMENDED USE: Rub onto target area, give yourself or a loved one a massage to soothe sore area. Anytime of day. Also can be used to moisturize the dry and cracked skin. 

Hand poured in small batches. 

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