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Earthy Corazon

Tea Tree & Palo Santo Body Scrub

Tea Tree & Palo Santo Body Scrub

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This scrub will take your bath ritual to a whole new level.

Palo Santo, tea tree, and cedarwood essential oils work in harmony to cleanse what no longer serves you. This scrub doesn't just get rid of dead skin but also detoxes your energy. 

Epsom salt is a magnesium-rich ingredient that supports a balanced mood and help muscles relax. Dried tepezcohuite powder full of natural minerals and antioxidants, create a natural vacuum effect for any toxins and impurities! The earthy combination of ingredients will have your skin feeling polished and moisturized. Your body feeling restored. 

How to use: Simply scoop a small amount into palm of hand and use in small circular motions for optimum exfoliation. 

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